Auction Sheets

Each car going through auction is checked by the expert staff at the auction for any damage / scratches and scrapes. Also they check the odometer readings and note any modifications to the vehicle.

Each car is then rated according to their grading system

Auction sheet translations are only supplied after you have paid the deposit required to avail of our service.

Auction Grades : - Exterior – normally in the top right corner of the sheet

5 Superb condition and requires no repairs.
4.5 Excellent condition but may have some small scratches/dents
4 Good condition with some scratches and dents
3.5 Good Condition but with some bigger scratches/dents
3 Fair condition with some dents/scratches or fading paint
2 Bad Condition
1 A modified or rebuilt car
RA Car with accident damage that has been fixed
R Car that has been damaged and repaired, maybe just replaced a panel or panels after small accident.
*** A damaged repairable or a car with engine problems

Auction Grades:- Interior – under the exterior grade.

A Repairs are not needed. Some minor tears/stains/marks are possible.
B Repairs mayb not be needed. Minor tears/stains/marks/worn patches. May be slightly dirty
C Minor repairs needed. Some tears/stains/marks/worn patches. Dirty- Needs cleaning
D Repairs are needed. Tears/stains/marks/worn patches. Dirty - Needs cleaning. Some parts may be missing.
E Major Repairs needed. Very Dirty/ Parts missing or broken, has a bad smell inside such as from smoking.

Auction Sheet Example (Nissan Skyline)

auction sheet skyline example