Worldwide Shipping by RoRo, cars are driven onto the ship and off at your local port. 

Ships leaving weekly to most ports Worldwide. 

Europe : 6-8 weeks

Australia & NZ: 3-4 weeks

USA & Canada: 2-3 weeks

S. America: 3-4 weeks

Middle East, India, Pakistan: 3-4 weeks

All Shipping and Vehicle Documents sent by EMS once car departs from Japan including:

Export Certificate
This is the cars information, and shows it has been exported legally from Japan. You will need this to register your car in your country.

Bill of Lading
This is the legal document to show the shipping details of your car, and that it has left Japan. You will need this to clear customs in your country. This is a very important document, you wont be able to clear or release your car from the port without this.

De Registration certificate - Translation
English translation to show the car was de-registered in Japan

Auction Sheet 
Copy of the original auction sheet

Our Invoice
You will need this for the customs in your country.

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*Shipping times vary depending on availability of vessel space, and also on the destination.